Vanina Y. Tsvetkova


YOUNGBLOOD Award nominee


“Holograma” is a video installation where the artist talks about her dreams as a new kind of a measurement entity. The messages are sent to us as extracted wisdom from her deep subconscious. The hologram image emphasizes the science-fiction character of her dreams. How do we respond to “emotional time” and when a dream becomes real?


“We, Ourselves and Us” – performance (Vrijdag 11-09, 00:30 @Sickhouse)


In my recent research, Kukeri has changed its essence and grew from a visually culturally intertwined image/topic into a space of inner expression. Kukeri in the face of We, Ourselves and Us gave me the liberty of exploring my freedoms, without the fear of being exposed. It gave me the inner protesting or loving voice. And you cannot say that this is my comfort zone! This is the ‘place’ where I feel free from restrictions, everything is allowed while being a Kuker, and I push it even further. For me, there is this potential, importantly enhanced current condition that can and does shift, as a natural force, its character. There is not a constant condition in which we are set to live, we have luckily many. I underline this moment’s conditions, and each specific Kuker brings its character forward to it.

In Frank Mohr, I have grown towards the ultimate appreciation of distortion. As I already had many sympathies for broken or malfunctioning objects or events, or society.


In relation to technology I started to perceive We, Ourselves and Us as such: as a broken, unwanted, mischievous guest, wandering around or interfering with everything important as possible.